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Benefique Deep Block Essence (UV & IR, SPF 50, PA++++)


Benefique DBE
Benefique Deep Block Essence

Updated on 10 May 2017 to unify the brand-tagging system..

When my Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence (2016 formulation) ran low, instead of hunting for a new sunscreen based on Internet reviews, I decided to ask a neighbourhood beauty store’s consultant instead.  He asked about my skin condition (dry, dehydrated, sensitive), and recommended this sunscreen, claiming that this was the most moisturising sunscreen the shop was carrying at the time.  He added that this sunscreen would work great as a makeup primer.  Oh, this was also the sunscreen he personally used everyday.  After all that, could you blame me for having high expectations for this sunscreen?

(It also set me back by JPY 3,500, which is quite a bit more than the approx. JPY 750 I used to spend on Biore.  If it costs me a pretty penny, I would very much like it to perform beautifully, too.)

General Information

The Deep Block Essence is an SPF 50, PA++++ sunscreen.  Interestingly, it also claims to protect against infrared radiation.  Since I have only worn this under the early waxing sun of spring, I am unable to comment whether the infrared block makes any difference or not.  The sunscreen comes in a plastic bottle with a spout dispenser.  It is marketed as sebum-resistant.  As mentioned above, the sunscreen costs JPY 3,500 for 50 mL.  Benefique’s parent brand is Shiseido.


In an unfortunate turn of events, I discarded the box without noting down the ingredients.  Please refer to Ratzilla Cosme for the ingredient list.  Do note that this sunscreen contains alcohol and fragrance.

Because it is a biphasic liquid, the sunscreen has to be shaken a good couple of times before being dispensed.  What comes out is a runny white liquid, which absorbs quickly upon being spread on the skin.  I use approximately 4 squeezes to cover my face generously.

The finish has a satin sheen for the first 15 minutes or so, but quickly settles into a matte finish afterwards.  There is no white cast, although the photographs might deceive you — my phone camera decided to screw with me today.

This sunscreen is rather moisturising, despite the alcohol content.  I like it a lot when the days are colder and drier, but find it slightly heavy for the humid days that are now descending upon Nagoya.  This is a remarkable feat, considering how thin and runny the liquid feels.  Its sebum control and matte finish make it a good makeup primer: although I can’t comment on any extension of foundation wear time, I did notice that the BB cream under my glasses broke down slower with this sunscreen.  The fragrance does not irritate my sensitive skin.

While its numerous silicones may be responsible for its moisturising property, they also give the sunscreen a slightly heavy feel.  This is the main reason why I will not be repurchasing this sunscreen, now that my bottle is running low and summer is poking its nose around the corner.  I am not ruling out the possibility of revisiting it in winter.

If anyone has tried this sunscreen before, I would love to hear your thoughts about it!


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